Specialist in Efficient, Safe & Fast Demolition

We are the leading name in house demolition services in Perth operating in the industry for quite a long time now. Our dedicated and experienced team has already handled some of the major demolition projects around Perth. Clean SL8 Pty Ltd makes sure that the demolition needs are met with utmost proficiency, safety and with the utmost professionalism.
We are Backed by Industry Best Machinery
Whether you need us to demolish an old construction, sub-division or a triplex, we have got the right equipment to get it done for you within time and budget limitations. We are backed by advanced machinery which helps us to finish the demolition process from start to finish, without any hassle.
  • Lump Sum Contract
  • Project completion Start to Finish- 4wks
  • Payment upon job completion
  • All materials recycled
  • Free block level & Compact
We are Committed to Environment
Our company is operated with the agenda of salvaging and recycling the building materials. We have always followed this policy and now are even more committed towards it when recycling has turned out to be the need of the hour.

Our professionals remove, recover and then recycle the maximum amount of scraps found underneath. We try to keep the amount of rubbish at the minimum level to be used for landfill. That’s how we keep our promise towards the environment.

From partial demolitions to tree removals to concrete pad removal, we are just one call away. Contact us TODAY for a safe demolition process.
88 Edeline St.
Spearwood, WA, 6163
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